Broken Heart

Edward Barturen

I was honored to be asked to write a song for the great Spanish Painter, Evaristo Valle for Gijon', Spain. My music is greatly influenced by The Beatles which I believe came through in this recording.

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Say Goodnight

Edward Barturen

This song is a tribute to a loved one

Love leaves a memory not even death can steal.

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A Pilgrimage to Holly Land


I am very proud to introduce to you our new release. Don Hyink and I recorded a ten song CD of songs written by the great Buddy Holly. We produced the songs to make them sound as if a group of friends are sitting around the living room playing Buddy Holly songs. It was a blast as well as a challenge but we are both very proud of the CD. You can click on the link above to hear the this track “ What to Do” as well as the entire album !

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